The Lesbian Academy (lesbian teacher/student love story

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iamadirectioner36 By iamadirectioner36 Updated 2 years ago
Alex goes to a new school since she got kicked out of her old school. But then she discovers that its a lesbian school? She makes a new friend with not only with a student but with the teacher too. Will she like this school? Read and find out.
karate55 karate55 3 months ago
Update please I'm desperate to know the next part and I'm already glued too the book come on please
TisGayandProud TisGayandProud a year ago
Please update xx

Ohh and do those kind of things really come to mind when you think of lesbians?
_Klover_ _Klover_ a year ago
Loved the book so far and I CANT WAIT to find out what happens further on in the story!!!! ;)
MissRainbow78 MissRainbow78 2 years ago
I'm curious, is this a kind of satire piece or are "sex positions" and "pole dancing" really what come to mind when you think "lesbian?" No offense, I'm not sure if this is serious or not.