The Damsel and Her Knight

In the night when the kingdom of Incatasi was conquered by the tyrant Henry, Cassandra Montfort was born, the girl who could save the kingdom from the evil ruler’s hands. When the seal appeared at her twelfth year, her whole life changed. King Henry ordered the execution of her parents but luckily, Cassandra was saved by a group of bandits who took her in. She vowed for revenge. Bryce, the leader of the group, hid her identity by making her dress up like a man and trained her to be a fighter under her new name, Miles. But things get a little bit shaky when she met the Prince of Incantasi, Lancelot. The once revenge-driven Miles finds herself falling for the man who is the enemy’s son. Will she choose her heart or the welfare of the kingdom that lies in her hands?
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Lol, nice. Now i'm totally going to do this on my original book. Cx this was a very smart idea!
Really good.  It moved me so much that I involuntarily cried.
Please keep writing.
What's the title of book? I can't find The damsel and the dark side. :(
Just started this book... IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! um... and please, please could you check out my story Run?? please, I will love ya for ever!
i'm just starting to read this book....but by the looks of it ...i think i'm gonna like  it very very much
Please read my comment on the final chapter of "the damsel and her knight" bunnies creed is where I posted 
And Thankyou again


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