Trust Issues

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Imani Simone By Its_Imani Updated 13 hours ago
Armoni Jones, scarred but yet she still shines through. Raped as a teenager by her uncle became pregnant and had a miscarriage. Straight A student through high school, full ride track scholarship to one of the best colleges in the State  where she's on the dean's list. Jerome Jackson, an excellent athlete with amazing talent broken since his fathers death, it still haunts him. A drug dealer trying to provide for him and his daughter. When these two cross paths with they fall in love or have Trust Issues? Copyright © 2013 @Its_Imani
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This Whole Series Should Be A MovieIt's  Soo Good &Funny At Times. Rereading Waiting On Updates On Part 3✊
About to reread this book. Because I'm waiting on the last book to update lol
This is my second time reading I love the books way to much lol
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