Quest for Revenge (The Secret of the Sword Trilogy)

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Kristin By Kristin Completed
PART 1: Danger. Magic. Secrets. Faith. An ancient sword surrounded by legend, a stubborn princess bent on revenge, and a dragon, old as time, injecting fear into the hearts of all who hear the name Syrelius. Join Princess Melina as she embarks on a journey into unknown lands. Taking with her a sword with hidden powers and companions who each have something to hide, she discovers that there is more to life than vengeance.
This was a pretty good and descriptive prologue. Although it could still use more go more in depth with what the old mill looked like. 
Other than that, this prologue was pretty good! 
Really good job! I'm not one for writing prologues, because they are hardly ever done right, but I don't see any problem with this one, so good job! This seems very interesting, being a lover of fantasy myself, and I will definitely read on. :)

:D keep writing!
I'm a fantasy fanatic and to be honest, most of what I've found on here are disappointing. This, however, is an exemplary prologue and I'm actually continuing to your first chapter!
Your opening is very captivating, and definitely not cliched!  I love the way you capture your reader's interest and you have a very clean and nice writing style!!!  <3
Very descriptive :) I love fantasy stories and I have a feeling that this story is going to have a very interesting plot. It was a very mysterious chapter. Love it. Nothing needs to be edited from my perspective :)
I think it's very interesting, I'm not the biggest fantatsy fan, but I really enjoyed this. The plot is very creative, and there was a hook, that was very mysterious.