Quest for Revenge (The Secret of the Sword Trilogy)

PART 1: Danger. Magic. Secrets. Faith. An ancient sword surrounded by legend, a stubborn princess bent on revenge, and a dragon, old as time, injecting fear into the hearts of all who hear the name Syrelius. Join Princess Melina as she embarks on a journey into unknown lands. Taking with her a sword with hidden powers and companions who each have something to hide, she discovers that there is more to life than vengeance.
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I'm recently new to wattpad... and i love this!! Great story so far. Can't wait to finish it and read the other books :)
Pg 2, 6th paragraph, sentence starts "She had suspected for a while now ..." Maybe you were revising it, but it's kind of messed up :)
well i like some characters even though one can be racist but hey thats just how he is right? lolz but ill keep reading though XD
hmm wow um this is freaking long, but hey you gotta write what you gotta write lolz but great job
Bleh.. I hate lendon.. racist jerk :/ but great story writing. I love the descriptions.. again. :D also, great editing.
I love how Melina's father stood up for her instead of the cliched forced into marriage scenarios. :) brilliant so far

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