My Understandings (Of Mice & Men)

*Of Mice & Men Fan Fic* Hi my name is Elizabeth Kyle, and this is my side of the story. I'm just another girl in this world, yes, but not one that's heard or completely understood by others. I'm another of those outcasts, who desperately tries to find the light. But, I met someone who showed me the light. Even if it took long to find it, like me. But we all learn from our experiences, right? Things got eventually easier, in fact, we stood side by side and watched the accomplishments we made throughout the way. Even if it took screams, literally. Summer, and it's Warped Tour. My favorite festival of all. But not just any festival, but one where all bands join together and meet their fans, and perform for them. And that's when all the adventures began. Finally...
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i cannot read the first chapter cause it says something about new shit or something
I absolutely love how you ended this first chapter. That has always been one of my favorite quotes from him.
Omglob please continue this story. It's amazing and I'm so stoked for the next chapter. Ohh and you're an amazing writer by the way ^-^



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