Love Untold

For Chrissie Hill, turning thirty is enough of a nightmare. But to hit the big 30...and wake up married? To a man she'd never met or seen before that morning when she finds him on her couch. Race insists they have been married for two years...and he has the proof, but can she make herself believe him? Suffering from an unusual bout of amnesia, Chrissie slowly comes to accept this man in her life -- and the life she didn't know she lived. Love, marriage and happiness had never been sweeter for two people. However, true love doesn't just drop out of her dreams onto her couch...she must go a little crazy first.
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@courtnieelan85246 I know! That show terrified me as a child! And I bet if I saw it now I'd still be terrified, because that show was seriously creepy.
Thats show was freaky when i was little i hated that , had nightmares and everything
I just spent 2 hours looking for this book in my library! I couldn't remember the name ç_ç but i needed to re-read this piece of gold! omg finally <3
I don't know how he's gonna explain to her because they all think she's just mad.
Did she srsly just throw coffee at him? Hahaha that was so funny. I love your writing so much!
Haha ....waking up with a good looking man on the couch? Must be every woman's dream come true! Apparently doesn't do it for her .....haha

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