You Want Me. {Editing}

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Becca By whatsmyusername17 Completed
Brook is in love with her bestfriend Noah. Noah is a player and enjoys sex or really anything that has to do with girls and boobs. Brook is confused by the games Noah plays kissing her, cheesy pet names. Brook cant help but fall more and more in love with him each day. What will Brook do when she knows its all just a game? Or is it? What will Brook do when the world comes crashing down on her and she realizes that Noah doesnt care about anything they have been through at all? What happens when another guy comes to town? Will Brook find new feelings for someone else or will she always love Noah?   Ps. This is undergoing editing very slowly, if you cannot stand horrible grammar and spelling mistakes i highly suggest not to read this until further notice
Don't you think that came off a little too harsh? I see where your coming from with the grammar and stuff... but thinking that the author has three fingers is just BS. I mean if you are going to criticize her grammar at least spell 'your' properly, FYI.
aaawww she was the first thing he asked about.  maybe he does like her
No offense, but how do you know if this is a big part of the story? Maybe it was intentionally slow. Since you're not the writer, you don't know.
                                    So please don't be hateful when you're speaking on what might be false pretenses.
love it,,, but oof! >.< those editing mistakes are really kinda.... 1st grade...? :/
Nevershoutnever's losing it is the definition of sadness! I adore that song(: && it helped me seeehow sad she was lol. I really like this so far! It sadly reminds me of me :p