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❝Welcome to the world of Wattpad. Wattpad is a lovely place. It's full of the good, the bad, and things that make you say, WTF?! [What The Face]❞ If you're easily offended, don't read the book. If you do, and get offended, you can comment. Just don't go apeshit with it, and if you do... let's not even go there.
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This always happens to me and I leave these long comments and I vote for their works....
That's happened to me before, the girl was really rude and 'garrulous' lolol insider
I could just blast them to their misery with just this- 

t(•~•t) mofo look at this finger
I love this! and It is so true. Don't worry, I'll follow you, you follow me, I read yours you read mine. I get what your saying! And keep up the good work!
We shall! 

Hey! Waiter! I'd like....
A large serving of rant with a side of fries please.
I love the Vampire Diaries aha

Your covers are amazing and I agree with you about it being disrespectful! x

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