Wattpad's Dirty Little Secrets

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Victoria F. By imploding-hearts Updated 4 months ago
"OMG your work is so fugly."
    "Can that bitch even write?"
    "She wrote what?"
    "Oh gurl, hold me back."
    "Have you even seen a story so bad, you just want to like, die?"
    "I'm the baddest bad bitch on Wattpad. Bow down bitches!"
    "Follow me, read, comment and vote on all the chapters of my story, or else I'll kill my family and my cat. You have three hours."
    Welcome to the world of Wattpad. Enjoy your stay and try not to lose your sanity. 
    ***If you're easily offended, don't read the book. If you do, and get offended, you can comment. Just don't go apeshit with it, and if you do... let's not even go there.
I generally make my own covers. They may be crappy but they work.
Exactly! I make covers and send the link to people. No reply and they use my cover!!!
I'm really sorry, That must be so irritating, I could imagine. 
Sorry! Just saw your bio. Nevermind. Having read this, I totally understand why you stopped...
*nods grimly* It's never happened to me, but I'm not that surprised.
                                    On the topic of covers, if you're open to making one...? I'm happy to do whatever in order to give you credit - credit is important :)
I have experienced that to. When people have asked me to read and after I have they just don't read a single page of mine like they promised.