Hermione Malfoy?! (Under Editing)

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Amerie Malfoy By lttlmssknwtll Completed
The Wizarding War is over. Voldemort is dead. The Wizarding World is now peaceful. Wizards and Witches are still reminiscing about the past. 
    Hermione Granger and the rest of her batch are returning for their final year and there she meets Draco Malfoy, again. Friendships are made. Attraction starts to grow. Jealousy takes place. No one would possibly think that the "Brightest Witch Of The Age" can make the "Slytherin Badboy" fall, seriously.
    But what if betrayals are done? Trust has been broken. Reputation is destroyed. Rejection will follow.  A child will be born. Two years have passed by so easily  then suddenly, he came back saying it was all fictitious. Asks for marriage but leaving her again.
    True love is hard to find as others may say. Problems are coming. Surprises are waiting. Temptations will be faced. But only few can stand after thousands of trials that has been remedied and all questions that has been answered.   
    Will it still be . . . Hermione Malfoy?!
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Ron and Hermione were prefects before the war ever happened. This seems to be taken place after the war, so they're all going back to school for their last year. Harry and Ginny were now chosen by our lovely author to become prefects. :)
what that is not right for a start malfoy never thought like that and second he is still a death eater plus he isn't a git!