A Bride For The Asking -- (on hold)

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alorasilverleaf By alorasilverleaf Updated 2 years ago
Rose McGregor flees the post-civil war south as a mail-order bride, with no other hope than to have a home of her own, a full stomach, and someone to take care of her.  
     She never expected to find more pain and hardship than she's already suffered as her past catches up with her future.  
     Least of all does she expect to find a love far beyond her wildest dreams in the arms of the stranger she has sworn to honor and obey.
toryaborya toryaborya 2 years ago
I love your style of writing, and I'm starting to like this story a lot already! :)
shananay123 shananay123 2 years ago
Wow, @alorasilverleaf, you are probably THE most polite person in existence! Well, if your comments are anything to go by. 
Also, this is SUCH a good start to the book!

Well, I'll go read the other chapters now :3
chamomile101 chamomile101 2 years ago
So dramatic! I was immediately interested and I couldn't look away!
lenientbeast825 lenientbeast825 3 years ago
I LOVE it! 
I cant wait to read on and find out what happens...
indigo175 indigo175 3 years ago
 If you like horror, I can almost guarantee you will like this.
 Here is the link to the first chapter: 
(Tell me if you like... and don't forget to comment!)
;) Thank you so much!!!!
quihnn quihnn 3 years ago
I feel bad for Rose ! I mean can't a girl at least find a gentlemen out there !! Geze they should lock up that silas dude like seriously !!