[BoyxBoy] ... Drake is a lonely guy who likes to spend his time in his room with his guitar. Damien is a guy who doesn't take 'no' for an answer. Certain situations brings them together. Can love bring a loner and an extrovert together?

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omdz why did u change the names??? lool im getting drake and damien so confused cuz they sound simliar
I remember reading this story but forgot what happened  >////<
If you read the notice at the beginning of the chapter, she said that she might've put Giovanni by accident.
i've read "in his eyes" before this and i knew for a fact that there's a great story behind Drake & Damien, so imagine my excitement when i found this! i am sure i'm going to love this story as much as i adore Dimitri & Micah...
Okay, so I realized when Drake's Dad's name was revealed like  halfway through, that in Harry Potter is Lucian and Draco and now its Luciano and Drake. haha. sorry I'm really tired and probably shouldn't even be awake.....
I'm glad you changed their names. I generally don't like stories with uncommon names :P