Undisclosed Desires

[BoyxBoy] ... Drake is a lonely guy who likes to spend his time in his room with his guitar. Damien is a guy who doesn't take 'no' for an answer. Certain situations brings them together. Can love bring a loner and an extrovert together? Copyright © 2011 Shax Rodriguez All rights reserved.
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I'm glad you changed their names. I generally don't like stories with uncommon names :P
I like this so far.:) I think you have created two good characters and your writing has a nice flow to it.:) well done.:) voted,:)
aww so cute I was reading and I thought there was another page to this chapter i literally said "AAAWWWWUUHHH!" 
awwwww hes coming out of his shell:)...its so sweet to see that his father was trying to make him happy:)
awwww that was such a cute way to open this story:)...and i like were its headed:)....happy to be reading!!
I love it (; you really shouldnt worry about how you write its really good! ((((:

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