Undisclosed Desires

[BoyxBoy] ... Drake is a lonely guy who likes to spend his time in his room with his guitar. Damien is a guy who doesn't take 'no' for an answer. Certain situations brings them together. Can love bring a loner and an extrovert together? Copyright © 2011 Shax Rodriguez All rights reserved.
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Ahh, probably the first video game I ever played. Well, besides the DS, but whatever.
If you read the notice at the beginning of the chapter, she said that she might've put Giovanni by accident.
Ouch. That happened to me earlier. The person beside was nervous and she's gripping my arms like they want to rip it out. =_= it hurts I tell you.
When be was closing his eyes so tightly, it reminded me of SpongeBob. I thought that at any moment his eyelids would rip. lol!!
I'm glad you changed their names. I generally don't like stories with uncommon names :P
I like this so far.:) I think you have created two good characters and your writing has a nice flow to it.:) well done.:) voted,:)

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