My brother's best friend got me pregnant!!

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Me and james (my brother's best friend) had been dating for a long time so i decided i wanted to have sex with wasnt my first but with him it was special...he didnt use a condom..if my brother ever found out we had sex he would kill me and james especially because we didnt use a condom. Im dearly in love with him but i dont know what to do......
Whoever is the author from this book u made a great book and what make u write these kind of books # best book # author question
gaaaaah is he gay? I LOVE GAY BEST FRIENDS!....I hope he's gay...he doesn't have to be but it would be awesome
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Oh come on. You want to be professional and make this a good book? Don't say "2" !!
The title sounds like My Best Friend's Brother, by Victorious.
How rude are you? I mean really! Keep your opinion to yourself if you don't like it LEAVE don't be an ass about  It and leave harsh unhelpful comments  and @Scribblingonthepaper good job helping to try and stop this