My brother's best friend got me pregnant!!

Me and james (my brother's best friend) had been dating for a long time so i decided i wanted to have sex with wasnt my first but with him it was special...he didnt use a condom..if my brother ever found out we had sex he would kill me and james especially because we didnt use a condom. Im dearly in love with him but i dont know what to do......
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I love this story good job writing it I'm an eighth grader and I can't write like this
This needs to be edited. The grammar mistakes makes this book hard to read even though I like the story line. :) xx
omg I just died. "if anyone touches you they'll know what "coming" is" lmao. i can't.
Ok we'll I don't know if I am the only one but there a ton of spelling and grammar errors and its a little hard to understand but besides that its good so far
Yhu spellin shit wrong af yhu need to get right if yhu want somebody to read yhure shit and stop typing fast
@Xx_MusicLover86_xX I meant yours made me die too. Ugh STUPID ME but you know who's more stupid? Mrs. "omg he lyk yused meih fer sex!1!!!!1!"

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