My brother's best friend got me pregnant!!

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LilMzKrazy By LilMzKrazy Updated 2 years ago
Me and james (my brother's best friend) had been dating for a long time so i decided i wanted to have sex with wasnt my first but with him it was special...he didnt use a condom..if my brother ever found out we had sex he would kill me and james especially because we didnt use a condom. Im dearly in love with him but i dont know what to do......
Scribblingonthepaper Scribblingonthepaper 5 months ago
Dude, you 'critsized her work' she did not appreachiate it. There is no need to keep on trolling on her. Its disrespectfull and rude. Leave her alone, this story was written a while ago. It is no longer helpfull advice batman. So y dont you leave?
Smilebob12345 Smilebob12345 5 months ago
How rude are you? I mean really! Keep your opinion to yourself if you don't like it LEAVE don't be an ass about  It and leave harsh unhelpful comments  and @Scribblingonthepaper good job helping to try and stop this
Its_Ash_Nascar_Lover Its_Ash_Nascar_Lover 6 months ago
I love this story good job writing it I'm an eighth grader and I can't write like this
Batman_Is_Exotic Batman_Is_Exotic 8 months ago
omg I just died. "if anyone touches you they'll know what "coming" is" lmao. i can't.
April2022 April2022 2 years ago
Loads of grammar issues that are bothering me but overall you're an aspiring writer.