What Runs Through My Veins (A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction)

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InLoveWithARockStar By InLoveWithARockStar Completed
19 years later after the death of Lord Voldemort, new students arrive to Hogwarts.
To some, they've been waiting for this moment for a lonf time, to others, the whole Wizarding World is completely new!
flowerhippie1234 flowerhippie1234 7 months ago
Starkid is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! that is my favorite musical of there's besides twisted.
DarkAngel831 DarkAngel831 a year ago
Very good story. Though you really should edit it, I love the story line
DarkAngel831 DarkAngel831 a year ago
no females are witches. School for witchcraft and wizardy or whatever