Don't Let Me Go

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Viano Oniomoh By Viano Oniomoh Completed
Thomas Herburn is a nymph. He hates his life. His best friend, Jerry deserted him after finding out he's gay and he's been left heartbroken. Then a new boy, Benjamin Earles moves into town and opens a ray of hope in Thomas' heart. Could he dare hope to find love again?


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**cover image isn't mine**
Umm I don't understand what is a nymph exactly ? Is it like mermaid ? Help please :")
Don't say that. Some people weren't lucky enough to be alive whenever a calamity or an accident happens.
holy crap! I've read all his books and never caught on that he is a he!!!! lol that's freaking awesome he totally tricked me lol
It's funny, after reading your most recent works I come across your first.  I'm cringing and loving it :D
First chapter and I can already tell that I'll be HOOKED.
I was listening to the Fray when I looked through your list of stories and just when I read the title for this one he sang don´t let me go.. I took it as a sign ;)
Your stories are so different from the other stories I usually read, and I love it :)