Becoming Benevolent 2(On Hold Currently)

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Taylor By Taylor Updated 2 years ago
This story WILL BE finished but right now I got to get some of my other stuff done first. 

Roxanne has lived among the Benevolent for a year now and has been training with the Rasul for almost the same amount of time. Her life had been as close to normal as a girl who has wings and prophetic dreams could get till a month ago she stopped dreaming about what she was supposed to be dreaming and started dreaming about a blonde benevolent. A benevolent who spends his free time pretending to be an angel to dying human. Now her life is getting steadily worse as the threat of John Snyder grows greater. Will she be able to stop him from hurting more people and what does this blonde benevolent have to do with any of it?
Oh no, how is that possible? How did Synder break into her dream???
Roxanne is definitely in trouble.
This new book already has an interesting twist to it. I'm looking forward to reading more. Thank you :-D
This is really, really, really good!!!! Can't wait til next chapter!!! :D