My Life as a Teenage Superhero

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Nat By sunshineluver Updated 2 years ago
Nikki Star was an orphan, taken from foster home to foster home, when on her 15th birthday, she realized that she had the power to control fire.  She's taken to a different school- for superheros- where she is trained to control her powers.  Soon after she gets there, they need her help to stop an evil mastermind... and save the world.
Well most people go through life without having to survive in the wild but ok
@CHRISISBOSS007 But why would you need to make it if you get a job and buy a house? And its good to spell so you can read something like this book.
Uh oh the house burned down quick divide the sum of 15 by 2 and solve for x
It's true who the hėll needs to know how to spell fire when you need to make it
thankyou!! for once, the friggin main girl says she's just not an attention seeker instead of saying shes "shy" i hate that
Oh no my plane crashed thankfully I know how to divide 9 by 3