Learn To Reverse (Formally, Fighting Alpha) Editing

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Nunny By UnderdogM Updated 4 months ago
"Please.." I whisper softly. His hands tremble as he brushes my hair back. 
    "Baby, it's going to be alright." His shaky voice whispers back. Tears trail down my cheeks and he wipes them away before they fall. "I've got you. He will never lay a finger on you as long as I'm alive." He vows fiercely. I cry into his hard chest as the world falls away. 
    The day that I was taken, my life shattered. Mercy had been stolen from her life years ago, but when she escapes and finds a home, the prospect of actually living again comes into view, especially when she meets Rage. But opposing forces threaten to once more tear her life apart. Mercy must learn to Reverse.
Honestly it was a teensy bit over dramatic. But thats probably what I would be thinking in that situation so its all good. Other than that, it makes me want to see how she grew up to be. On to the next chapter!
I agree with many others. You have a captivating start, although it is somewhat already used by other writers. But that's good because you have the challenge: be better! :) Going to keep reading now
great start :)  i've added this to both my accounts, the other is SmokeyEyesMwah, where i usually do all my reading :) 
                                    cant wait to read one :)
well i don't usually read wolf stories so i don't know how these stories work. there were just a few incorrect spellings and just add more emotions to the writing. other than that everything is good :)
This story sounds a lot like some of the other stories on wattpad. I hope it will become more original in future chapters, because it did grab my attention. It probably has to do with your writing, which was good. I noticed a few minor errors, but nothing too disturbing.
I think this is better than anything I've written! I like it!