Learn To Reverse (Formally, Fighting Alpha) Editing. Do not read!

The day that I was taken, my life shattered. Mercy had been stolen from her life years ago, but when she escapes and finds a home, the prospect of actually living again comes into view, especially when she meets Rage. But opposing forces threaten to once more tear her life apart. Mercy must learn to Reverse.
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great start :)  i've added this to both my accounts, the other is SmokeyEyesMwah, where i usually do all my reading :) 

cant wait to read one :)
I normally hate wolf stories but this ones pretty good. To start it off telling the story of the dads sacrifice was very smart. It sure captured my attention.
Its a bit rough around the edges. Nothing a quick edit wouldn't help. Good start and i'm likin' your idea so far. Keep it up (:
your summary gives too much away. there'd be no point in reading your story since you've already told us what happens in your summary.
very entertaining prologue. good action and it makes you want to keep reading. lot of grammar but that's ok. so to get facts straight- is the main person Ollie?
LOVELY COVER!!! title is very nice... story line is very nice and uniq loved it! :)

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