Potter (on hold)

Oliver Potter knows nothing about his famous literary counterpart; only that he has round glasses, a lightning bolt scar, and he's always fighting some guy called Flaldemart. Or something. Otherwise? He's clueless. But when Kate serves him coffee, and he accidentally lets slip not just his surname, but his cluelessness about everything Potter, she's determined to face up to a challenge even the bravest Gryffindor would shrink from - teach Oliver Potter everything she knows about the Wizarding World. [#10 short story, 25.12.13]
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People who haven't read Harry potter don't deserve to live! Not really, but seriously what?
oh yeah and to get the basics you should have showed him this
@defend I am sorry.I was worked up about something earlier and I took it out on you. My apologies. you have a nice day too I might add! HUGS! (>^-^)>
Second and last sentences. The epitome of brilliance is the writer of this book.
Potterheads UNITE!!!! I knew the love of Potter would be on Wattpad, I knew! :")
harry potter 1 is one of my favorites! i love it! but i love the 4th book! im 10 and im pound to say, i have read 1,2,3,4,5 of harry potter! and starting 6 soon

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