A Pirates Kiss (1st Adventure Watty Awards 2011)

It is Dangerous to deal with Pirates. Circe's Father has always told her so. So when a mysterious shadowy figure with gold and silver eyes appears on her balcony and attemptes to steal her away the first thing that she wonders is why? Why does this mysterious stranger seem to know her more than she knows herself with just one look? Why does her Father pity Pirates? And why does she feel a strange pull towards the sea? Two years will go by before she finds the answers she is looking for, by then Circe is certain that the Pirate will have forgotten all about her and the promise he made and sealed, with a stolen kiss. Unfortunatly there is still one other thing she needs to learn. A Pirate never forgets. Join Circe on her journey for truth as she discovers a world of lands and beings that she never believed to exist. Will she find all the answers that she is looking for? Or is something dark and deadly coming her way, determined that she should never for fill her true destiny. (Unedited - I haven't had the chance to edit APK yet so there are misspells etc :) Winner of the Adventure category and Best Hero in the Watty Awards 2011. All Rights Reserved.
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I just thought of the girl in pirates of the carabian and her reckless with the skull on it :D
@W_o_n_d_e_r_O_r_e_o *looks at you with wide eyes & speaks in a sinister tone* You have become one of us...embrace it...o-o
i think her mom had an affair with a pirate amd had circe outta and thats why the dad treats her like he doesn't care like she said
Damn I'm 15 why don't I get a pirate on my balcony giving me a stolen kiss life is boring
I feel bad for guys in the real world because of Wattpad we always expect a lot more now
The first thing that came into my mind was "She was 15 when she used her first tampon"

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