Zane Morris is one of the most popular members in the Christian Rock band, Love Mercy. He has everything a twenty-five year old desires except his sixteen year old sister, Piper. He has fought two long years for her and has finally been granted custody due to the Grace of God. The only problem? His four band mates live with him as well. How will Piper handle living with not just one man, but five, four of whom she has never met? Real along and find out in the funny, dramatic and loving story, Love Mercy!
desibear98 desibear98 4 months ago
Haha onyx soo funny , and I was thinking the late thing they like piper aww
dauennat000 dauennat000 a year ago
i was wondering if you rewrote this, wasn't it once "don't touch my hair"?
BBrenton BBrenton a year ago
Love it. Should be 'bras' no apostrophe. But yeah, nice set up. The guys are really sappy. ;)
TheAscent TheAscent 2 years ago
This was great. I giggled a lot. Especially when Onyx thought "I will protect you small one."
blanchepage blanchepage 2 years ago
i am really excited to read this...and i have not started yet
ArdentDreamer ArdentDreamer 2 years ago
Micah....... 6... Something! Haha, I forgot. But it's something like, "To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly," right? Haha. (: