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Konstantsia By knightwriter Updated 2 years ago
Une boutique poetique avec un mystique hypnotique
It's a little bit hard to understand because of the languages mix :/
                                    C'est un peu difficile a comprendre parcequ'il y'as la fusion de languages :/
Hehe. I guessed some of the French parts...I think I worked most of it out. So enjoyable to read. I even gave myself a slight accent...not out loud of course! I might later when nobody is here.
I read this three times. I'm still smiling. Love the French!
Hahaha this is awesome, really loved the french
                                    (Oui c'est vraiment dommage pour Dominique ! )
You always keep me smiling. Love how you combine your talent for words with humor, making a funny and intelligent read.
LOL! How wonderful this is. Happy I found it - I love the franglais.