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Une boutique poetique avec un mystique hypnotique
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It's a little bit hard to understand because of the languages mix :/
C'est un peu difficile a comprendre parcequ'il y'as la fusion de languages :/
Hahaha this is awesome, really loved the french
(Oui c'est vraiment dommage pour Dominique ! )
You always keep me smiling. Love how you combine your talent for words with humor, making a funny and intelligent read.
This was brilliant. Despite the phrases being written in French (which I don't understand), I surprisingly managed to grasp their meaning. A star for you!
I absolutely enjoyed reading about this unique boutique and it's owner madame monique. Seamless flow and great use of french expressions. who will we meet next?
I love this poem. I loved the mix of English and French and the theme is great! Absolutely brilliant! :)

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