Damon In The Night

The sequel to Evain In The Night - Evain, now closer to Damon, Lizzie and Elijah more than ever is still at risk from Ailyn who is out there somewhere plotting her way back in. As well as that, Damon now has a fallen angel on his case. Not to mention the temptation that Evain faces too. How will they overcome this?
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Awww, I feel for Damon. I wonder if there IS a way for him to get rid of the darkness...
Man they are all in the Triangle of all triangles in that house :)
ahh this is awesome! :P
i cant decide who i prefer; Damon or Elijah :/ think i love them both aha
Yay! Thanks for the upload. Can't wait to get into this book. Last one was amazing.

OOOHHH! What's the deal with Echo and Lizzie?

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