My Beloved

She gave me life again. She is the my entire purpose on breathing. Her blood calls out to me like a siren that I cannot ignore. Who is she you ask? Why, she is My Beloved.
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i don't understand if ur going to put it in wendy's point of view maybe shes suposed to tell it in her p.o.v
I'm getting scared.... Who thought it was a good idea to read this at 3:00 am?? *sigh* I can't stop now.....
Right like I rarely see a 5'11 girl playing lead, your height isn't what causes vulnerability it's your self esteem.
I would walk rite outta tht class and go find tht dam silver so I can be rich and then I would fall in love with the handsome vamp and my life would b perf
did she seriously forgot the story her teacher told her? like you found the grave so by commonsense you know the rest of it was true ... lol
Hahaha Awww too bad it seem all the handsome and gentlemen guys are in the 1700's and 1800's I wish I was born than

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