My Beloved

She gave me life again. She is the my entire purpose on breathing. Her blood calls out to me like a siren that I cannot ignore. Who is she you ask? Why, she is My Beloved.
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I am really enjoying the story. It is well written and has an interesting beginning.
That sounds like me - I'm four-seven and I am not obese, but I'm not athletically inclined...whatsoever
Can I have him pwetty pwease? * gives you the puppy eyes then hits you over the head and kidnaps him anyway*
So by now I've realized that I already have read this book, but it's still good and I don't really remember everything... So I'm gonna read it again :)
I think with this stuff since they just stop aging, they are technically close to the same age. Just my thinking
Trust me girl. I have experience with being crazy. Just close your eyes, plug your ears, and ignore them until they go away. :)

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