Saigon (Boyxboy)

READ at least RAVEN first for the back story. It will ruin the ending of Raven for us if you read this first. Saigon returns to his home pack a full grown dominant, but he’s going back to Northern Ridge with mixed feelings. Still struggling over his childhood crush, Saigon hopes maybe he’ll be able to gain Archer’s attention. But the pack females make the competition tight, especially because he hoping that a dominant will agree to be his sub.
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wow I wonder if they are mates because it sure sounds like Saigon loves his freind like a mate but wouldn't they know if they were mates
been waiting for this since i remembered aiden and titus...hope  it will follow RAVEN footsteps for its excited :D
OMG I totally love you for this, another story that I know I will get hooked on eeep!!! I can't wait XD
@Varzanic : dear I think you should use SINCE instead of SENSE right? I just want to help ^^_
I'm so excited for this story! it seems like it's going to be great:) the plot is awesome and I can't wait to see what happens next ! <3
already love this story!!!

love the idea of domxdom relationship!

saigon and archer, hooray to that!!!!

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