.:Legacy:. of Greed, Lies, Hate, and Love [no vampires required]

The world has never been an understandable place for Hazel Knowles, this average high school girl. However, things get a little more incomprehensible Hazel's senior year when she is introduced into a whole new reality of darkness, evil, and danger - where love lurks at every deadly corner. Now that she knows both the truths and lies of this world, can Hazel figure out who and what is real? Now susceptible in this new dimension of Demons&Angels, Good&Evil, Dark&Light - Hazel is torn in a ferocious battle of Greed, Lies, Hate, and Love.
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well, get ready to dance until you cramp. one fan up!

(read any one of my stories plz...i hope it's not expired yet.:P)

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