Yes Father [Book 1 Yes Series] [Completed]

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♕Queen Shazneem♕ By ♕Queen Shazneem♕ Completed
°Sexual Mature Content R rated Over 16 Only MUST BE FAN TO READ° This story is for open minded people. If you are religious you might find this offensive even though it is not meant to be for it is not real, so please do not read if you are sensitive. THANK YOU. 'I saw not who he was, nor did I care. For I believed in the purest feeling and he showed me heaven. What I thought of as a sin once was now my blissful delight. I accepted him as mine as he chose me as his........

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am I the only one who notices that she says father many times
Great start! Just some grammar issues that make the dialogue sound choppy but its a small fix! Can't wait for more:)
 she's gonna f*ck the priest.... I thought it was her dad by the title #MindBlown
Read & Enjoy the story. God you people make something out of nothing.
This should never be censorship within the writing of a book, The days of the NAZI IS all behind us, We must move forward As a free people ,and espouse what our hearts tell us.