Hey, I'm Emma! I never really thought I was fat until this really mean shop assistant said so. Now my best friend is going off with the mean girl who is so skinny that she could become a model. Actually, she might! Ugh, I just wish...I dunno, I wish I was perfect.
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Don't you just hate it when skinny girls call themselves fat?  Absolutely sickening.
I like your writing style, and I can tell already that this is going to be a nice story.  Voted!
@KatyStClare Oh, she's annoying because of her mad obsession with her weight. I like her personality, in fact I can kinda relate to her :)
@KatyStClare Haha, yeah... your plan really failed....
And I'll totally check them out sometime :D
@KatyStClare Ohmydays, I just noticed that you've entered the Watty Awards 2011!! I'm totally going to help you get more readers to help you with that!! :D XD
this is beyond great. poor girl is all i can say! you are a wonderful writer and i cant wait to read more, you should write others! 

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