The Nerd's Secret

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I am not an undercover spy. Neither an assassin sent to kill. I do not race illegally and I do not cage fight. 

Something more worthy of an eye roll. 

I am Andrea. And dressing as a nerd has got to be, hands down, the worst mistake ever made by AIRHEAD, ex-cheerleader me.
@strawberrybonbon579 Honestly... I think it's more Ted in this situation
Who else is thinking is barney from how I met your mother???????
This comment may be offensive.
she's spoild she even treats her siblings like shit what the fuck
This comment may be offensive.
I say you should always be your self but not act like that I mean I don't even act like that and I have had shit happen to me but it didn't kill me well almost but still it didn't kill me and now I'm stronger so ya but it still doesn't give you a right to act like that
this is disgusting... so what if she saw u seeking drugs? what u did to her is horrific.. it's disturbing..if Mary isn't strong headed, you might ruin her life by this incident!!
Is it weird that i actually love her. she's physio-crazy. (i mean that in the best way)