The Nerd's Secret

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I am not an undercover spy. Neither an assassin sent to kill. I do not race illegally and I do not cage fight. 
    Something more worthy of an eye roll. 
    Dressing as a nerd has got to be, hands down, the worst mistake ever made by AIRHEAD, ex-cheerleader me.
But the "challenge accepted" phrase does remind me of barney
He can diss her all he wants but he is no better bc he did it too
Wow okay I'm like wow normal American story and then bam I'm 50kms from my house yep normal aha. Busso girl <3 so I love that you did this
That's just waaaaayy too much.... This is not even the first chapter yet and your already making us hate her, seriously author?? XD
omagh I want to kick them where the sun don't shine cos what they did is not only disgusting but waaayy to far I just want them to aahh... see I can't even thing of a word to go with how I'm feeling
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You've already got sluts to fuck around with use them not her