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The name's Andrea. Worship me. It's not easy faking the life of a nerd. Not with Tyler around, anyway.
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I know I'm meant to like the main character but my hate for is hanging on a high 60 percent
Hontogdtbhlaaahblaaah yep no. JUST NO! Stupid English language and their ridiculously long words
Probably am wrong though I sucked at geography in highschool and I'm blonde so that's my excuse haha
"Like, OMG, did she not here that Brit is preggers! Like gosh, such a slut"0!" xD Oh holy Jesus of Narwals, that was the worst grammar I have ever used.
He says it like its normal .-. It really isn't... Unless its Facebook stalking.... Then okay...
OMG you like smoke that's like really like gross because we need to make out with the like players soo like yeah

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