The Nerd's Secret

I am not an undercover spy. Certainly not an assassin sent to kill. I do not race illegally and I do not cage fight. Something more worthy of an eye roll. I am Andrea. I might have a son, I might have a nude self portrait spreading like wildfire on the Internet, I might have bullied someone into silence. And I might want to keep all of these a secret. Dressing as a nerd has got to be, hands down, the worst mistake ever made by airhead me.
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@zxmbie Yes sorry if that sounded harsh. your book is very well written, I was just shocked by it.
I love that you included this because sometimes when I see an error I want to help people out and point out that it's there but usually they get offended so yay!
That doesn't mean you can act like that. If you know that then you can change yourseld
What happened was terrible but it wasn't what I imagined thank goodness
No my godness please tell me what I think isn't about to happen
this makes no fk sense, they're all to blame why is he turning on her? ugh,

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