Why Your Story Sucks

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_G4vegan By _G4vegan Updated 2 years ago
The title says it all. Be warned: I'm not a nice person.
FossaHans FossaHans a year ago
It's ironic because your writing is full of grammar mistakes.
_The_one_and_only_ _The_one_and_only_ 2 years ago
I really like what you said at the end. I use some things based on real persons, real human-being emotions
JessicaGodare JessicaGodare 2 years ago
OMG love why your story sucks. 95 % of the storys on wattpad suck. they needs to have a slap you button, so instead of voting for a story you can slap it.
xInsecurity xInsecurity 2 years ago
I don't really agree about observing stories from real life. Plain Jane stories are usually fiction, and fictions aren't real.
debby56 debby56 2 years ago
of coarse there is not gonna be perfect writers on wattpad this is freestyle this aint no barnes and noble or amazon boo getcha life together sweetheart and stop being a hater lol and lmfao you probably sat their for hours making sure you was perfect. sorry if i made any mistakes. beem! :)
andrewoneill andrewoneill 2 years ago
If you use your talent of writing for good, perhaps the seed will be watered. But here you are using it to tear people down! You don't know a good story when you see one because YOU have clouded your vision. All this will do is make people hate you. So far I think it's working.