Niall Horan ( Dirty Imagine )

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JasmineIke By JasmineIke Updated 2 years ago
Warning : Sex - arousing ✔
Meganaut Meganaut 6 months ago
Omg ur amazing luv u so much!!! Cud u make one wif Megan in it I am not to tall light brown hair brown eyes a few freckles and u r my babe!! Btw I am 14 but luv u so much I live in Ireland
xxx69ED69xxx xxx69ED69xxx 8 months ago
can you do one for me my name is keagan im 16 tall tanned with to-the-top-of-my-boobs dark blonde hair with blue eyes and make it extremely dirty and could it be with Niall please
16khunley 16khunley 9 months ago
Oh and I have really dark hair and chocolate brown eyes light skinned and very short really I want u to do one for me one really dirty please oh and I'm 15
16khunley 16khunley 9 months ago
Aww this really good I am really touched but yet physically excited wow I have the shivers would u do one for Kaitlyn Hunley and have Niall and Liam in it please I'm being u
Eva_Horan1 Eva_Horan1 a year ago
I loved it so much I really do hope I meet Niall and date him
Niallsprinces2001 Niallsprinces2001 a year ago
Really good u should make more could u please do me one x my name is trinity and could it be with niall thanks x