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Leave me requests anywhere any time of the day! I will get to as many as I can in one day, but don't all jump at once! I am always available to look at requests! Some days I will be able to post more than others! nSo stay tuned! Your request will be dedicated to you if you ask fo it!
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can you please make me one with niall my name is vivi (well, my nickname :) ) I don't care what the theme is as long as it is happy :D
kay I have not found anyone to write me a personal please tell me you will:-) ?!
Hiya could you make a preference for me with harry, my names Becka and i don't really mind what the theme is thanks (:
Name: Jade Montgomery
Hair: Wavy,Brown Hair
Eyes: Ocean Blue
I'm not insecure
Type: I'm famous and he's dating someone else and I like him.
Oh and background: I have black hair and brown eyes and I loovveee acting and writing and im kinda cray but yeah
Hiya! Ummmm, my names chloe and can i have one with Niall as the love interest but Liam as my brother? Or Louis. Either or. Hehe, thanks sooo much <3

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