Invisible Magic

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_AlaskaEverfall By _AlaskaEverfall Updated 2 years ago
[COMPLETED] Bridgette McAdams runs towards things. She runs towards destinations, leaving her past forgotten as possible.

Hunter Steele runs away from things. He has no destination; just a trail left behind from unforgotten incidents.

Containing mutual envy after automatic assumptions the other has a perfect life, there’s no relationship between the two besides being members of the track team.

With unwanted help from the new creepy religion teacher, they find themselves reading each other’s every thought.

Perhaps it’s a curse or a punishment sent from heaven above.

Or a spark of magic they never knew existed.

- - - 

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Collide - Howie Day
MarinaHanna MarinaHanna 2 years ago
I read the entire thing but I hate how it ended. It should have a second book to it. Like it was amazing I couldn't stop maybe that's why I didn't like the ending cuz I thought it should have more to it. Write a second book is my suggestion. Thanks for the amazing book :)
TabithaTiger TabithaTiger 2 years ago
I love this!!! Gotta read more! (also fanned you, awesome person) xx
LilyJuliette LilyJuliette 2 years ago
okay that trailer just gave me chills. sounds like a GORGEOUS story, can't wait to read it!!! by the way, how did you manage to make such an amazing video with all the fonts and photos and stuff? every time i try, i end up wanting to break my computer-__-)
AlexisSaldana AlexisSaldana 2 years ago
Amazing I do understand sometimes I feel like an outcast great job
makexbelieve makexbelieve 2 years ago
I loved this opening. It flows really nicely and I can't wait to read on.
itsJoooooooooo itsJoooooooooo 2 years ago
The trailer was amazing! the music was really soothing and the pictures were just..just epic. Cant wait to start reading this!!!