Do You Know? (5SOS Fanfiction)

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Dahlia By dahliamerten Updated 19 days ago
Dahlia is just the average 15 year old girl who sits in the corner of the room and tries to stay out of trouble. Although she seems like a nice and energetic person, behind that smile there is another world. Her past has never left her and it is definitely affecting the present. The only real friends she has are Christina and Niall, but Dahlia believes that she is third wheeling since Christina and Niall are together. 
    A new school year starts and things begin to look up for her when there are four new boys in her class. But will it stay that way?
OMG MY NAME IS DALIA !!! (without an "H" though) ❤️ i officially wish you were 1 of my besties
Hahaha I do this wit the peanut butter and Nutella but everyone thinks I'm weird :/
Maybe the dream was a metaphor... For a battle within herself. It would explain the cuts and trying to not give in
MY NAME'S Christina and I love Niall! That's so weird and I'm from Thailand
Love this! Great job with the writing, and the possible metaphors that will probably come out later in the story. xx
I was looking for an awesome 5SOS fanfic and BAM! I started reading yours lol :)