Theseus' daughter

My father is the King of Athens, Theseus. He slayed the Minitour with the help of my mother Araidne, who died. So I am now growing up motherless, with monsters trying to get revenge on my father by trying to kill me. On top of that, the gods have a sick sense of humor, and the bright idea to send me on a mission to slay a demon even worse than the Minotaur. Am I grateful? Am I honored? Well... I wouldn't go that far...
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a little short, but like I said before you don't get enough credit for your work.
loving it so far , a couple of spelling mistakes and again the detail but overall excellent , fantastic idea and nice story line. :)
I love the intro, it gives a nice amount of background information but doesn't give too much away. You deserve way more votes and comments for this. :D
hey! how about she falls in love with one of the soldiers?
or is it too dramatic??
I like this story so far, I'm looking forward to the rest. Maybe include a little more mythology? That was a HUGE part of their lives then.

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