Unhealthy love. (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

You have to compete for what you want. And if that meant being paired up with some sex-crazed, drug addict for a major dance competition then so be it. He doesn't like you, and you completely hate him. But you can't help but ask... Why? Why are you wasting your time on this pathetic guy? Why do you pity him for being sick? Why do you test your patience when he's abusive, and depressed? But most importantly.. why are you completely and utterly in love with him?
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You know your a drug addict when you can see someone smirk through a phone :) ...jk
Ummm...Harry Styles I'm guessing...unless he has a personality disorder or something
That's a good movie! But...your boyfriend is a bit square. Wine? War Horse? C'mon. We need tequila and About Last Night!
Harry? As in Harry Styles. A dancer? A GOOD dancer? One of the best dancers in London?......


Suggestion: can you please stop using 'I muttered' or 'I mumbled' that's all you seem to say. Not trying to be rude or anything but just a suggestion.
first of all , you were the one to make him start beimg rude .. omg why r u already making me mad ..?

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