Pearl’s a recluse - she hasn’t left the house in twenty years (no one knows why), and her cousin Eve has avoided her for years. But now Pearl’s mother dies, Eve makes a condolence visit, and Pearl spills out her secret: A wildly passionate relationship she had with a mysterious man one freezing winter’s day. The romance of a lifetime...
I love this story so far! It is so well written and being a writer myself this brings joy to my heart!
this quite unique of all the books i've read here.. one chapter and very long but also very nicely done!
the picture you into,i want to know where did you get it and how come you start using just,just curious..please reply
This was a beautifully put together story. The amount of thought and time you must of put into it is extremely impressive and I feel that my mind has been broadened just from reading it.
Thank you so much for gifting your story to this site!
Thanks Nora. Could you recommend some good books in wattpad for me from you point of view? Just like what you have written. I got lost in so many novels. Thanks!
wow, just wow. the emotions that this book made me feel cannot be described. you have done an outstanding job of making me reconsider my actions and relationships that i share with others and this world as a whole. thank you.