The Family Business (An Arranged Marriage)

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Ashley By TeamEmmettXD Completed
Lyric and Blaze.
    Their parents own a big Corporation together.
    Their parents are also making them get married. Fun right?  Try telling that to them. Especially with all the craziness and drama they have to get through together.
    This story has been revised as of 2014.
    WARNING: If you aren't a fan of A LOT of drama, this is not the story for you. If you love drama, well, enjoy :)
Is it just me, or this story is going wayy too fast?  *says in christinas voice *
man its not that bad to be arranged married..Its kind of funn...i think..lmao
It's like the name sang (it's an Amazon book called the academy read it!!)
Id be out that house and running away like so fast ya wouldn't even see me
My names Ambria I hate it and people always spell it like this ambrea
I would slap them repeatedly like nigguh no FÜCK you go to hell