The Family Business (An Arranged Marriage)

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Ashley By TeamEmmettXD Completed
Lyric and Blaze.
    Their parents own a big Corporation together.
    Their parents are also making them get married. Fun right?  Try telling that to them. Especially with all the craziness and drama they have to get through together.
    This story has been revised as of 2014.
    WARNING: If you aren't a fan of A LOT of drama, this is not the story for you. If you love drama, well, enjoy :)
I'd be like, "hell to the no! Ain't nobody got time for dat!"
Arranged marriage in highschool she's just living her life is just beginning poor girl
Then at the parties she's taking shots and grinding on someone ...... Lol I'm joking
when I first read it I thought he said I bet it all the time had2 reread it
I think its only me.. but i dnt really have a problem with it.  If i was put into one i dnt think i would care too much. Or maybe its juss that my love life has went down the toilet drain past the sewer and into the ocean. 
I hate ordinary names. I refuse to name any of my animals anything ordinary. they're all like alister ramzi, Murdock, and aghamore