The Family Business (An Arranged Marriage)

Lyric and Blaze. Their parents own a big Corporation together. Their parents are also making them get married. Fun right? Try telling that to them. Especially with all the craziness and drama they have to get through together. This story has been revised as of 2014. WARNING: If you aren't a fan of A LOT of drama, this is not the story for you. If you love drama, well, enjoy :)
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I would be like idc ur telling me I have to be with someone idk for the rest of my life
I an just gonna keep a very hot pic of zayn malik in my head to think about how blaze looks
if my parents did that to me then id be mad and stay mad, not even say goodbye to them. Just give attitude and leave.
I hate that she is mad at first then goes threw with it. I would left and won't be heard from in months because I wouldn't want to be thrown at some guy at 17
It's a COMPLETE disgrace to women's rights I may not know but much but I know that
I'm not hating or anything but Saudi Arabia is one of richest countries but we still have arranged Marriages

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