Two Truths and a Lie

“Want to play a game?” He asked huskily, his words slurring the slightest bit as he walked towards me. I took a long sip from my plastic cup, enjoying the burning sensation the liquid left in my throat on its way down. Bringing a finger to my chin, I taped it as if in thought. “What kind of game?” I asked slyly, my lips curving into a smirk that seemed to make his own grow more pronounced. Coming to a stop in front of me, he looked down, his emerald eyes blazing with undeniable lust. He ran a hand through his chocolate brown hair. “It’s a little game I like to call two truths and a lie.” Triton Palatas knows why Trent Greene suddenly disappeared last Christmas. Thayer Knight is hiding a secret about the night Triton's mother was killed that could change everything. Kadence Greene has known who killed Triton's mother all along. We all have secrets, but can you tell the two truths from the lie? Neither can they. Never underestimate the power of the game.
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Oh what was that third thing? I like this start, you've got my attention with a great mix of lust, mystery, and suspense!
Wow, I can already tell this is going to be a real interesting book. Now, I am going to go read the rest of the chapters!:)
oooooooh i like it you're really talented. You just make things seem so <i>real</i>! i love it
I love this story its such and amazing book please upload soon. I cant wait to read more of it!
Uu should finish this and let them meet up again .. I really like it and was really getting into it .. Don't stop writing ! Update !
Loved it from the first time I read it! I like the way you describe things and situations. 

Love this book and this story. Update soon :)

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