The Shadow Dreamer

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A_Muse By A_Muse Completed
I, Reve, want you to join me, to stand beside me and fight. The world that you are on is in danger. Sigan, or as he goes by now Gale Peter, wants to destroy everything that we know, everything that we love. We won’t let that happen. I will not be used as a puppet in his war. Us together, we have the power to stop him. Only together are we strong enough to face this evil. Lend me your strength, put your faith in me. My role as the Shadow Dreamer isn’t to slaughter, isn’t to corrupt and decay. It’s to protect, I want to protect the worlds. Want to restore them to what they once were. Those who win the wars write the books. Let’s leave a tale for our children to read. One that's about bravery, about good winning out over evil. With you, with my friends, and this army lets save the worlds. Victory...or die.
AshleyPerdue8 AshleyPerdue8 2 years ago
very nice..... did u make this up?? if so.. its really good..... is it weird that i can relate to that all to well??
wdyrssen wdyrssen 2 years ago
@UThinkUKnowMe thank god you kept it *prayer* i love your book and you'r a very talented writer... take it down and ill go Freddy Krueger on you :P
wdyrssen wdyrssen 2 years ago
hey UThinkUKnowMe. im having some problems with your book. i was on chapter 16 and then the book got autodeleted, but when i searched for the book only 4ch. remained /:P did you pull back some chapters or am i just lagging... please respond i love your book!
AnneKatrineHansen AnneKatrineHansen 2 years ago
I love this story! It's pretty interesting nd different so please keep doing a great job ;)
Oriac200 Oriac200 2 years ago
i think ur story is fantastic if possible i would ask u to read my story and leave feed sortof a rookie but hope u like it
WhatSheKnew WhatSheKnew 2 years ago

yes as we speak I am reading :) so dont u worry ur pretty little head.