A Death The Kid One Shot

A small collection of one shots including the insane antics of one symmetry obsessed guy and the poor gal at the receiving end.
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My friends name is hannah and she love DTK so if she read this she'd be like "THIS STORY WAS MEANT FOR ME" XD
LOL!!! Hannah, move to the middle!!! That reminds me of the Soul Eater episode when they went to the pirate ship! Keep it up
..........I don't know what to say but wow. I love this. Kid is hysterical...and apparently similar to me O_o
Wow she crashes on the table and all he can think of is symmetry...sooo like death!
Your one shots are cute. I wish you would write more. I can totally see Kid doing this!
Hahahaha! It's like Kid's in the room with me!... *looks to make sure he's not...* upload soon!

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