The thoughts of a suicidal troubled teen.
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@Starbuckgal22 you NEVER say this to anybody weather you are just kidding or being forreal! With those words you could have just cost someone their life!
@suicidalbitch12345 you don't do it again and fight harder and longer, that's what.
Oh my god, I cried, I'm not gonna lie. I love this so much, I don't know why, but I do.
I pray this is just a way to vent n not really how u feel:(
It'sa very powerful poem, it made me cry.
i am the kind of girl who wants to do this but doesn't have the guts to do it. my family hates me my frineds hate me and i just cant take it anymore.
</3 I kinda cried... :'/
I was very touched by this poem, being able to relate so well. :/

But on to a better subject, good poem :D

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