Playing The Field

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"I won't hurt you. Not anymore." I breathed against her bare neck, against her ear. "So please, don't run away from me anymore."

Jason Brown is Raven High Secondary School’s number one player, with his devil-may-care attitude, gorgeous looks and a beautiful, popular, and not to forget sexy girlfriend by his side.

Samantha Simpson is an average teenage girl with good grades and a love for reading. She has a secret crush on Jason – the boy who doesn’t know she exists - but with her BookNerd status at Raven High, she gives up all hope of them ever being something.

But what happens when fate – and I mean a childish prank that lands her on the Wall of Shame – gets them together?
Dang Jason needs to be knocked in where the sun don't shine for Christ sake
Oooook.....I think the fact that I already dont like you is settled...
Getting high scores on assignment and can't get high scores on test makes you a pretty dunce
@0Erin_Smith0 Im thinking that maybe the book is not available anymore, since other people are having the same issue too.
@asdfghjkl123456788 Same thing with me! Is it like a glitch or something? At first I thought something was wrong with my phone.
@EvaWambani The same thing happened to me! Anyone know how to fix this?