Harry Potter:A Ron and Hermione Story

Okay.So not so long ago, I was kinda bored and I started writing about how I imagaine the life of Ron and hermione after the war before they got married and all.It,s a fan-fic ,of course.It,s not finished yet, at all. I'm a new writer so it' not that good.Plus, my first language is frensh. Feel free to coment though, whatever you think. Hope you don't get bored lol...(though I totaly understand if you do). Thanks, xox...Oh, and please rate if you liked it and comment even if you didnt't enjoy it.Thanks.Plz comment
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typical little ronnikins but awww he going to propose that sooooooo sweet and then he forgot the ring I am crying so much
You're welcome I'm not trying to be mean I'm just suggesting improvements, consider it constructive critisizm <3
hiya..for someone who doesnt hav english as a first language u r sure good at it! u write betyer than me n im from england...lovin the story btw
I loved it loved it.  It was awesome u should write another Ron and hermione love story. Love it
this is rlly good please please keep writing i neeeeeed 2 no wat happpens next xx
Wow this is so good!
i Crave for more.
U just need to fix up a few spelling mistakes and it'll be an awesome story!

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