The Fragile Tower - Watty Awards 2013 FINALIST

One girl... one quest... and a love strong enough to cross worlds. The Fragile Tower is the No 1 Hit fantasy adventure by award-winning novelist and playwright Gytha Lodge. This is book one of of the Cold Lands series - a gripping, fantastical and unique story of love, loss and powerful magic. Grace is a shy fifteen-year-old girl living in a small town in New York state. She has been looking for something to make her feel like she matters for most of her life. After a beautiful and exotic fair arrives on her street in the middle of winter, her brother vanishes during the night. Grace must get him back, and to do so must travel to another world where she finds she has magic she had never dreamed of, and where she faces enemies of huge and ancient power. Within the strange and wonderful Cold Lands she fights to master her magical abilities as she faces creatures out of nightmare. Along the way she meets the resourceful but troubled hunter Afi, and draws him into her quest. Little by little she realises that nothing is as simple as it seems, including her own feelings for her companion. The fate of the whole kingdom will be decided by her actions, and she has to take up the challenge... or let its people die at the hands of the Cold... ***Finalist for the 2013 Wattys so any votes, and specifically any from January 6th, even more appreciated than usual!! :)** Find it on facebook at:
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There's something really poetic about your writing. Looking forward to the next chapter. Good luck in the Wattys!
This book is really good :-) I guess it'll get more and more intersting by the time I read more often of this book!
P.S: I don't get hooked easily, so be patient with my reading and future criticising .
Oh my goodness this is gripping! I love this so much how have I not found it before?!
Creative. I've only read half a page so far my ADHD doesn't help too much. Will try to read whole thing soon looks great.
This is such a good book. I'm a little bummed that I read Cartheno's fire first, but oh well. Can't wait to see where this is going.

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