It's Funny How Love Starts (Watty Awards 2011 Finalist)

He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back against the brick wall. Pain shot through me but none of that mattered anymore. “Don’t you ever do that again,” he growled, having a hard time keeping his canines in place. “I’m not in your little puppet. I don’t listen to what you tell me,” I smirked. “Yes, you do,” he scowled before planting a kiss straight on my mouth. I tried to push him off but found myself engulfed in the kiss that was only meant for me and no one else. My hands were now intertwined in his hair, tugging them. He licked the bottom of my lips and I invited him in my mouth. Our tongues tangled as was our bodies that were pressed tightly behind the brick wall.
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Whaaa? I think youve mixed up his height with his age.. he is 6ft 2".. not 6 years old
I must really like this book since I am reading this instead of screaming at Lebron James because of his 5 fauls.
i love it already!! i can tell ur a very good author. can't wait to read the next chap!!
Hahahahaha great start! xD
......werewolves?????....I'll see hiw it goes with that!  xx
One of the best things I have ever read you or someone else should turn this into a movie
@rebekahleemusic7 Love it, already read it, and an awesome book at that. Well done :D

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