Secret Lovers // N.H.

Claire has been best friends with Niall Horan since they were kids. One night, before a One Direction concert, unexpected events happen and everything changes, making their relationship drift into a different level. To the world, she’s just a friend who tours with One Direction. To Niall, she’s a stress reliever, someone who makes his worries go away. Claire is in love with him, and she’ll do everything to make him happy, even if it means being his secret lover. But will Niall realize the emotions Claire is trying to portray, or will he shut her off and pretend the feelings are not there?
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I should have read this sooner. It's amazing and just the first chapter! I really really like this! :D
That was really good! I loved it! I'm actually gonna add it to my library.  You are a great writer. And the cover for this is stunning! Xoxo
I'm adding this to my libary because i love this already, i'm not even joking.

this is awesome! you're such an amazing writer. :) x
Please update, this has really gotten me into this story, like a few months ago, and was wondering when you updated x
ikr i love it wen the guy gets jealous so tht he finally realises his feelings its literally a relief isnt it
I really like the fact that this is not like the usual cliche when they lose touch. Very well written and thanks for the cover! (:

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