For my thirteenth birthday I got a bodyguard

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Hunbles By Hunbles Updated a year ago
On Violet's thirteenth birthday she had a gun pointed to her head, got kidnapped, meet her own personal bodyguard, and got to hang out at the mall with her friend. Thats normal right?
camdyn camdyn 2 years ago
Even more amazing but u should change the ages to something a lil older and add more details but other than that u gave me the chills I freakin love your stories!!!! Not even kidding u are amazing
camdyn camdyn 2 years ago
Stinking omg freakin amazing I loved it u did such a great job soooooooo good please write more please!!!!!
Edennn Edennn 4 years ago
@Stoopidstars Well I love it!!!! And i will be a fan till the story is over :D 
Bookloverteddybear Bookloverteddybear 4 years ago
It's good so far! Please continue!
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